Focus areas





“Our recently completed biennial Materiality Assessment has highlighted the increasing importance of Social issues, with talent attraction and retention, training, engagement and employment conditions all increasing markedly in importance. This is a clear reflection on the key role that skilled and motivated employees play as our business becomes more digitally enabled.

The foundations that we have laid over many years and which underpin our strong engagement levels are robust and remain at the core of what we do, and our new functional structure is enabling us to be agile and globally consistent in developing and supporting our people with the capabilities, skills and mindset that they need to prosper in an increasingly fast moving and complex environment.

We are a hugely diverse organisation, employing over 60 nationalities around the globe and speaking many languages. While that diversity enriches the business in many tangible and cultural ways, it is the development opportunities that the company can offer to employees from many backgrounds, and which mean that we have over 30 nationalities in our senior management group, that underpin our employee engagement and performance.”

Monica McKee,首席人力资源官