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“We have long taken a precautionary approach to the environment. This was the reason we developed and started to implement our own global effluent standards in 2011, as we recognised that simply complying with national effluent standards was not enough.

Since then legislative limits around the world have been progressively tightening and in some locations have superseded our global standards.

Complying with government standards is always a given for us, and continues to be a driver of our investment plans, but we still believe that wherever we operate the environment is equally precious and that we must therefore apply global standards to our operations. For this reason we have now adopted the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals standards as our global standards. This allows us to continue to be a leader within our industry and to work to a set of commonly accepted standards that did not exist in the past.

A huge step forward has also been the implementation of online monitoring of effluent to ensure that our treatment plants are operating within limits 100% of the time.”

Stuart Morgan,首席法律与风险官兼集团公司秘书